The Nutcracker Holiday Spectacular

The Dance Class, in partnership with Arts Milton, have started off this year's Holiday Season with their inaugural performance of The Nutcracker - it was such a privilege and honour to have been invited to record this spectacular event photographically.

Victoria Santaguida and Patric Blain, who's dance education and achievements are far too complex and lengthy to identify here (I'll just say that they're both super talented), played the lead roles of Sugar Plum and Nutcracker.  Sunday's show also included two special guest walk-on parts that were performed by Milton's very own Mayor Gord Krantz and Councillor Colin Best.

This show was very unique, in that it involved the collaborative efforts of various artistic groups throughout the Halton Region, such as:

  • The Dance Class
  • Burlington Dance Company
  • Danse Avec Moi
  • Milton Show Choir
  • Milton Youth Theatre
  • Dance Elite
  • Center Stage School of the Arts
  • Tyler Fergus Magician

While curtain has closed on this year's performance, I really hope this becomes an annual event.  Congratulations to everyone involved - it was a truly fabulous show!!!