2013 Miracle on Main Street @ Milton

When most communities are only starting to stir and rise from a good night of slumber, the residents of Milton are already active and experiencing what we like to call "Miracle on Main Street".

The Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation has just completed their 5th Annual "Miracle on Main Street" charity event.  “The objective of Miracle on Main Street is to promote the spirit of giving among all faiths, no matter what religion, colour or race you are, sickness and poverty do not discriminate, and neither should the spirit of giving.”

"The donations raised each year go towards the purchase of toys, food and life essentials for families experiencing poverty via The Salvation Army, Halton Women’s Shelter and children suffering from sickness at the Hospital for Sick Children and McMaster Children’s Hospital. To date the Foundation has raised half a million dollars in combined sponsorships and donations."

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